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Staring out across the dashboard, in a swaggering drawl, I murmur with authority "In the mythos, there's really only three places in America: New York, Las Vegas, and California. Everything else is the great wasteland you see in the Tom Waits photographs."
If you're an artist, a writer, an actor, or anything similar, you know in your heart that you have to get to New York. The tip of the iceberg part of you believes that you'll be discovered there, and do-or-die, you have to get there, and give it your best shot. You work minimum wage at two jobs on opposite ends of town, drinking your bitter or firey Proletariat Delights™ when you clock out, and the denizens of the dying refinery town laugh politely when you stomp and raise your glorious arms shouting of gold, glamour, and overdose. The 90% that's under the surface of your skin plays out horror-film reels of you serving coffee to rude celebrities at one of two minimum wage jobs on opposite ends of town, smoking joints and rea
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Edwin "Newbetter" Abrescy
United States
A Bay Area native currently based in San Leandro, California, Edwin "Newbetter" Abrescy attributes much of his study in content to what he has experienced and learned during his ten years of work in the mental health industry -both on and off the clock. Developing his talent and skills as a youth, first with pencil, then pen compositions, Edwin evolved to the point of teaching himself how to paint in 2002. It is important to for him to share his art with others, just as the impact of being exposed to the works of others has fostered within Edwin interactions that have proved to be an integral part of his own personal evolution, as well as inspiring and fueling him to create, and make his works public. Through translating and creating a tangible record of his internal states, thought processes, emotional transitions, fears, joys, victories, and affirmations, the negative space in his life is filled, fleshed out, and completed as his part in an ongoing interaction with the world in which he exists.

Edwin has drawn on his experiences to build a voice through his art. Drawing from pieces of his past and present, as an ex-mental-health worker, as an entertainer, storyteller, and an American male who tries hard not to let these things get in the way, he speaks through his paintings about the wistful characters that are stage productions of the people he encounters, and the process of discovering and rediscovering beauty in the most unlikely of places.

Edwin is a self-taught artist, that, to this day, has not received any formal education in art.

Current Residence: San Leandro, California
Often, in artist's bios, or from the mouths of artists themselves, I have heard something along the lines of "Art is a way that I can truly express how I feel inside."  I have never identified with this statement.  With writing, this rings true, but not with my art.

When I write, I am free.  Words obey me like unquestioning soldiers, mounted on serifed clydesdales; I am their king, their general.  Go forth, Words, I tell them.  Go forth, and do not question, for once I am done speaking, the abstracts will have become clear, my orders are issued, articulate my plans to the letter.

I see things in the world, things that only the eye can behold, that only a human alive in this day and age can come across, take in, and process with the history of who I have become, and the dreams that pump blood through my veins.  Sometimes, in those moments, I am told "You should draw that" or "you should paint that."  Every time, I shake my head.  Anything I would attempt would be a poor simulacrum of something that was painted more beautiful, and with so much more subtlety than I could ever, as a human being, hope to accomplish.

The world is beautiful, and fleeting, and the moments that stir my heart to the point of breaking are something so elusive that one does not catch them on a whim.

For me art is a magic trick, with all the world watching, and it's something that requires ME believing it will work, in order for it to work.  When it works, it truly is magic, and when it doesn't, there is none, only the motions of something reminiscent of.  To this, I find only half-hearted applause, and read the faces of people who hope that this isn't the last act, who hope that I've got something else up my sleeve, who hope the next thing I do suspends their reality, or sparks something inside of them that makes them believe or at least makes them want to believe.  When this is achieved, I bring down the house, the limelight spills over me and washes away the grime and the hardship, the stress and lies, and all of the very bad things that I say in private.  In turn, it makes ME want to believe.  It makes me believe.  It rejuvenates me, encourages me, and makes me hungry for more.

People look upon my works in progress, and nod, or speculate, or comment on how I "could call this finished, and leave it as it is."  For me, it is not done.  I am setting something up, checking all the hinges, the secret safety release switches.  I am making sure no wires, no trapdoors, no part of the trick can be seen from the audience.  When it is complete I emerge, soaking wet, chains clattered about my feet, arms spread out to their very fingertips, top hat blazing next to the feat I have just performed, my face an iron mask of composure upon delivery, waiting one million fractions of a hummingbird's heartbeat for that golden sound of applause.  

And when I hear it, I am less like the painters of old, the painters who taught me and frowned and said "you've got a long way to go, boy."  In that moment, I am Harry Houdini, and I bow and appreciate that someone was there witness my act.



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Great work! :D
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Fish-of-Black Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011
Thanks for the fav!!
Laenri Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Hey, I used your post about artists and paid abuse as a reference to another place for art. I gave you credit for the speech. I hope you do not mind. It was an inspiring thing that you wrote, and I hope it will be heard by many many more than just myself and those who already read it.

The post is here:
HieixThexEpic Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2011
just wanted to say that i really appreciate what you said in the job forum. i'm pretty broke and make most of my income through commissions. it drives me crazy when someone comes up and asks me to draw them three fully colored character pictures for a total of 30 bucks (recently happened).
Kooshtika Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
like what you said in the job forum
Cnids Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! Really enjoyed reading your posts in the forums.
AshleyMerrill Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Just an idea, but maybe you could take your forum post ([link]) add a bit more to it, like the suggestions discussed and some info about the Job service forum (how they undersell themselves) and put it as a news article?

Again just a suggestion :D Love the post as well.
MDPerry Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch and for sharing your insight! :D
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